Back in Port Antonio, Jamaica

We arrived at Port Antonio’s Ocean Crest Guesthouse on Queen’s Street a little over a week ago. (The guesthouse, nestled atop Titchfield Hill, views Navy Island, East Bay, the Blue Mountains and the lower neighborhoods.)  Our room was simple…comfortable. The guesthouse offered a communal kitchen. We’d everything we needed (short-term) to survive while getting our 200 pounds… Continue Reading

Kingston to Port Antonio to Portland

Cetacean was supposed to stay at the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club (Kingston, Jamaica) for the 2016 hurricane season. But, upon our arrival at the Royal Jamaican Yacht Club there, we were told no longterm berth or land storage were available for our boat. While we were disappointed, we didn’t have much time to stress about… Continue Reading

The Ups and Downs Entering Jamaica – but it’s the people in the end.

By Cptn  Ron As we closed on the island of Jamaica  Port of Kingston gantry cranes  emerged from the mist in the distance.  This is the 7th largest port in the world, so we expected  heavy ship traffic  and would need to be on the lookout for these monsters. From the chart, we could see… Continue Reading

On The Transit to Kingston, Jamaica

By Judy Odenheimer Sunday, 6/5/16…We left Cartagena’s Club Nautico marina around noon. Spent a long night with strong winds hitting 22 knots, but not into the 30s Chris Parker, our forecaster, had suggested. We lucked out with that because the higher the winds, the rougher the seas. Today the winds clocked south. Wind from behind… Continue Reading

Exploring Cartagena some more and finding workarounds

It’s the third day of our return to Cartagena’s Club Nautico marina. We lucked out with the current space tie-up and are actually alongside the dock (rather than bow in with no side ties, see commentary below). Our shorelines are tied to vertical cement columns on starboard; we have one line to port from a… Continue Reading

San Blas

San Blas Islands, Panama Interesting set of islands.  Only have time for a brief update due to limited connectivity. There are 360 islands in this chain spreasd out over 100 miles; where only the Kuna are allowed to live here, but we can sail and anchor here.  Most islands have a protective barrier reef around… Continue Reading

//WL2K San Blas Islands

We got up at a leisurely 7am for the 10 mile trip to East Holndas Cays from our anchorage at Limmon Cay. A large squall came through the anchorage last night at about 3AM, bringing thick rain drops and wind that filled our heads with its howling. The boat anchor held steady, and it was… Continue Reading