San Blas

San Blas Islands, Panama Interesting set of islands.  Only have time for a brief update due to limited connectivity. There are 360 islands in this chain spreasd out over 100 miles; where only the Kuna are allowed to live here, but we can sail and anchor here.  Most islands have a protective barrier reef around… Continue Reading

//WL2K San Blas Islands

We got up at a leisurely 7am for the 10 mile trip to East Holndas Cays from our anchorage at Limmon Cay. A large squall came through the anchorage last night at about 3AM, bringing thick rain drops and wind that filled our heads with its howling. The boat anchor held steady, and it was… Continue Reading

The Serendipitous Fort Sherman

When traveling and especially by boat  –  our skills in improvisation, invention and  patience are constantly exercised and tested. We also  need to embrace ambiguity when the paths forward aren’t clear. The boat needed a fair amount of work to become  sea-worthy again after a year of hard sailing and seven months sitting in Panama.… Continue Reading

Return to Panama, Boat Repairs and a Chicken

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in Caribbean-side Panama since February 24th. But, we know we’re here. The Trades are blowing 18knots. It’s really hot too…about 90 degrees with 70% humidity. A squall will be coming soon,  bringing a tantrum of rain and howling. Then suddenly, the clouds clear and the sun returns. We survived our… Continue Reading

Part II Year End Photo Review

Welcome back to part II of this adventure.  Last blog entry I started to pick my ten best  images of 2015. I was not successful  editing down to ten  but went from 7554 images at the start to 13.  The first culling  was  easy – going from 7554 to 184 but the next set of… Continue Reading

Colorado Plateau

  The Moki Dugway is a gravel road in southeast Utah.  From the top, one can look out at Monument Valley near the Utah-Arizona stateline  and down into the Valley of the Gods. Built in the 1950s to transport uranium,  Moki Dugway winds its way down a cliff face with no guardrails lay between you… Continue Reading