Welcome to the sailcetacean blog!  We left our Portland slip Tuesday, July 10, 2012.  We’ll be updating this journal with descriptions of our adventures aboard Cetacean, our Tayana 37 cutter, as we make our way south and then east.  The sailcetacean blogsite includes other pages (ships track page, writings and gallery) for you to explore. Hopefully you will find the writing and images amusing, informative, maybe thoughtful. Stay tuned.  We welcome your feedback and comments.


//WL2K (from the boat in open water) Under Texas

What started out as a spectacular sail turned into something less than ideal, then ended great. Sailing under 1/2 moon (yes, the moon rise was in the morning) we left Santiago at about 10AM. There was no wind in the bay so we motored about an hour until the wind picked up to a comfortable 12knots from the NW (behind us). Outside the bay a few hundred dolphins decided we were fun (they have good judgment) – spinning mid air, surfing our bow wake and racing across the boat, inches from the bow. The wind was scheduled to die after midnight(I love using that phrase – scheduled) but it apparently didn’t listen to the forecasters because by 2AM it had picked up to a lumpy 20+ and stayed that way until about 7AM. Around midnight we seem to have found ourselves in a route used by container vessels, tankers and other ships about 100X bigger than us. So with the aid of AIS (note to self: add class B next year) we were dodging these guy. Judy ended up talking to the Captains of a few, on the VHF, if they saw us. When the sun finally decided to rise, we could see the decks  littered with dead squid and flying fish. I have no idea how they get from albeit large waves to our deck?

Kind of interesting, but we are sailing almost directly east, as the coast of Mexico heads that direction and we are now at the same longitude as Texas. This morning a few dozen dolphines came to play again. They sure are hard to catch on camera. We’re going to rest at in a small anchorage called Caleta de Campos to catchup on sleep then on to find the mythical beach from the movie Shashank Redemption in Zihuatanejo.

On Goals

  I was thinking about goals the other day, when it became apparent that we’d have to change our year’s –end destination for the sailing trip. Boat repairs got in the way of making the necessary southward progress toward Panama. We’d put a lot of time and effort into the planning for Panama so whenContinue Reading

Continuing along Costalegre

  On March 14, we left rolly Chamela for Tenacatita, an anchorage we visited twice on our 2005-06 voyage to Mexico. Back then, this comfortable anchorage hosted many boats and their crews for weeks at a time. The “Estero Verde” flowed into the anchorage and was visited by hundreds of cruisers each year. You couldContinue Reading

Cape of Currents – Corrientes

Leaving Banderas Bay is like saying goodbye to a  friend.  It’s been two months – a very comfortable and rewarding two months.  Like moving to a new city and moving again. It takes time and energy in making friends; finding  good stores,  an inexpensive and  friendly restaurant.  I shouldn’t complain – it’s the cruising life.Continue Reading

Adiós to La Cruz and to four special women

We are leaving La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, this little town to the north of Puerto Vallarta, that we sailed to two months ago. It’s hard to believe, but yes, we are heading south tomorrow morning. And, we leave with some of sadness, regret perhaps. Our visit to La Cruz was supposed to be just thatContinue Reading

Headless in La Cruz

Note: Apologies to readers for any puns, clichés, or potty humor appearing in this blog entry. We returned to Cetacean, whom we’d left moored in La Cruz de Huanacaxle (a sweet little pueblo in Bahia de Banderas, Estado de Nayarit, MX), during our fantastic mid-January explorations of Guanajuato and Mexico City. We were enthralled with ourContinue Reading

The Most Beautiful City in Mexico?

I fell in love on this trip.  No, Judy needn’t worry because it was with the town of Guanajuato. Both of us were captivated by this place. Once in a great while, when traveling,  a town or place  resonates,  it feels comfortable, even home like;  Guanajuato felt like that kind of town. The central partContinue Reading

Mexico City … an unexpected pleasure

  “You’re going … where?!” We were in Guanajuato, Mexico. It was next to our last day in this lovely place.  A man and woman had approached us as we rested on stone steps leading to the Alhóndiga de Granaditas.  The Alhóndiga is a massive, fortified building that was a granary in the 1800′s.  It isContinue Reading

A few small repairs …

We have just returned to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (in Bahia de Banderas) and our boat after spending ten days exploring inland.  We travelled by bus and visited Guanajuato and Mexico City.  We are working on some boat projects near term. We’ll be posting blog entries on Guanajuato and Mexico City soon, so stay tuned!Continue Reading

Isla Isabela II

We are at Isabel or maybe Isabela, we’ve seen at least two different spellings for the name. It’s Isabel on the poop covered National Park sign on the island, our cruising guides have it as Isabela. No matter the spelling, both Jacques Cousteau and National Geographic have featured this island as an example of natureContinue Reading