We left our Portland slip Tuesday, July 10, 2012.  We’ll be updating this journal with descriptions of our adventures aboard Cetacean, our Tayana 37 cutter, as we make our way south and then east.  The sailcetacean blogsite includes other pages (ships track page, writings and gallery) for you to explore. Hopefully you will find the writing and images amusing, informative, maybe thoughtful. Stay tuned.  We welcome your feedback and comments. 

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Life among the weird

“To have been young, then to have grown older, and finally to die is a mediocre existence, for the animal also has that merit. But to unite the elements of life in contemporaneity, that is precisely the task”     — Kierkegaard Back in Portland, where the  motto  “Keep Portland Weird” is heard often, it has been… Continue Reading

Cetacean’s Panama Canal Transit

Ron picked up Moise at our La Playita Anchorage  (just outside Panama City and about three miles from the Bridge of the Americas) dinghy dock to help us (along with two other soon-to-be-identified persons) transit The Panama Canal. Moise (“Moy”) is the grandson of a cruising couple we met in Marina Chiapas, Mexico, at the beginning… Continue Reading

Bucket List Item: Visit to the Darien Province

Visiting the Darien had long been an objective, a “bucket list” item, for us. The Darien Province is huge, steeped in legend and history and mystery. The Darian Province was at one time considered a viable site for the Panama Canal. We traveled there and saw a very small part of this magnificent place.  This… Continue Reading

//WL2K Darien Province Update

Quick update on our Darien Province excursion. There will be more detail and photographs in a blog entry to come. We have been traveling in the Gulf of San Miguel part of the Darien Province for nine days. The trip brought all kinds of unexpected surprises. First, we did not end up traveling there by… Continue Reading

//WL2K Panama City and Darien

We?ve been hanging around Panama City, getting things fixed, attending to doctor appointments, shopping, and gathering information about our canal crossing that hould happen early May maybe late April. The learning curve for a canal crossing has been steep. A lot has been written, just not sure what to believe and what not. One (of… Continue Reading

Gulfito Costa Rica to Panama

Panama is different. We’d been spoiled by Costa Rica’s extensive cell phone network for fast and widely available internet. Yes, it was addicting but in rural Panama cell service is not so available so we’ve been forced to do without, we’ll survive . The largest cell carrier in Costa Rica is owned and run by… Continue Reading