The list(s) of tasks in preparation for our extended sailing trip is getting longer each and every time a task is completed. Seems odd, doesn’t it, complete one step forward and slide two back.

The formal list has 181 items; like preparing the first-aid kit is  line 27. We’ve been taking first-aid classes from the Red Cross and webinars for sailors. Taking classes adds to the list. We learn something and find it needs more investigation and that usually ends up adding tasks to the list

One line item was to free up a sheave on the traveler. The traveler had been hard to move. Usually that only means cleaning and lubrication. But it wasn’t moving freely even after cleaning and lubrication. The old traveler ended up non-functional so install a new traveler ended up on the list, plus and varnish the wood, plus fix a pesky leak was found during the replacement. So you see, I stated trying to fix one and ended up with three additional. If it continues this way we won’t ever leave.
The new galley is almost done after many months including Corian counter tops, a new refrigeration system, a new stove and a nifty new drawer for chiefs knives.
Two years ago we refurbished the furler, added a new chart plotter and new VHF/AIS. Now we need to check the chain plates and adjust the mast rake, oh and build a water maker, add new high amperage alternator, install a new pole to hold the new antennas and install six new solar panels with an MPPT solar controller.
There is also moving out of the house and get it rented for the next few years.
So I’ll try to keep the blog updated. Keep you’re fingers crossed.