This afternoon I went across the street from the marina here in Eureka to the local NOAA  office. These people forcast the weather for this area of the Nation. They are  responsible for the region from Pt. St George (next to Crescent City, Ca) on down to Pt Arena (just north of San Francisco).

It was a fascinating visit. Bryan took me into his work area, a desk surrounded by flat screen monitors, each with multiple graphs, satellite views and raw data. The pacific ‘high’ sits offshore the coast of Northern California, held in place while I was visiting Eureka  by a low pressure area off the coast of Alaska. At the time the heat  in California’s  San Joaquine causes a thermal low. When the high and low get close together, wind blows and it was enough to make us want to wait a few days for it to subside.

We’ll be leaving the boat in Eureka, Ca for awhile. Partly due to weather and partly because of a few things we need to get done back in Portland.

We will continue the updates when we get back. Meanwhile I’ve added a small photo essay on Crescent City. Enjoy.