Portland, Or.

Our preparations are under way to get back to Mexico. We’d started a bring-back-to-boat list way back in October of last year, so you can imagine how long that list had grown over the ensuing 8 months. Lately the UPS guy and us have been best friends — the total weight delivered is now a bit daunting at about 120 lbs. That doesn’t include any of our personal belongings, just new.

The airline baggage rules differ from airline to airline, so we are likely to encounter some over-weight costs along the way. We are using only two airlines from Portland to Tapachula, American Air to Mexico City and Aero Mexico to Tapachula, we’ll see how it all shakes out. We are each allowed two checked bags, so 130/4= 35 each in a perfect world.

One constant is that no one bag can weigh more than 50lb, so we’ve been juggling contents to make the weight more or less the same over the four “bags”. It’s hard to guess weight without any scale. We don’t have a scale to weight he bags so we carried one bag  to the work-out room in the apartment complex. One of the machines has adjustable weights for the lateral pull-down. By strapping our bag to the handle and increasing the weight until the bag “balanced” – we estimate the weight of the heaviest bag at about 45 lb.

That done we are now faced with the simple act of moving four heavy bags, three that don’t have wheels through/to the various airports and hotels. We bought a collapsible cart figuring we can strap two of the three non-rolley bags to it. Seems to work in trials, but we have yet to see how the airlines view that thing. The fourth “bag” is really two long cardboard boxes strapped together. These boxes are long and narrow, about four feet by 6”x6”. Before leaving we’ll use strapping tapeinsure they act like one “bag” and cobble a handle at the center of gravity to help us carry them. No matter what way we imagine this trip — it’s going to be a PITA through customs and to hotels.

Once we get to the boat we’re imagining it to take about three weeks to install all the crap. It’s kind of like doing all the maintenance for a house only once a year. We can hardly wait.

This year we plan (man plans and god laughs) to sail to Colombia, visiting Las Perlas Archipelago, maybe the Darian Gap, through the Panama Canal onto the San Blas Islands then end up in Colombia in June of 2015. All the times and stops in between are open, flexible and subject to our whim and weather.

It should be a very interesting year.