At 8 a.m., Ron called SE Marine Services in Scappoose to see if they had a 100-amp Balmar alternator in stock. They did and he headed on over there.

Scappoose is notable for us for a couple of reasons. From about 2003 to 2005, we kept Cetacean at a Scappoose marina. We cast off from that same marina to commence our 2005-06 cruise to Mexico.

Upon returning with our beautiful new alternator, Ron reported that SE Marine Services was pretty unusual. The business is housed on an 80-acre family property. Ron noted that much of the acreage was marshy – a wetland. He asked the owner if the property had ever been a working farm and was told no, it had been a duck hunting facility before the SE Marine Services owner purchased it. The business itself supplies high-end power parts. Especially notable was their sourcing of “Rolls” (yes those Rolls) batteries.

Ron is now nearly done with the alternator installation. Testing it is the next step. We are looking forward to leaving tomorrow.

We hear time and again that cruising is essentially “repairing your boat in exotic places.” Well, Portland can be exotic sometimes. And, we’re definitely making fixes in Portland. And, we won’t be surprised if we continue to repair this little place we’re calling home in other exotic spots to come.