The seals waved (yes! they did!) goodbye as we pulled out of Monterey’s municipal
marina today (Wednesday, March 27, 2013). We sailed over gentle swells in 9 to 10 knots. Saw whales just
outside Monterey Bay. Ron called me from lunch preparations in the galley to view a large pod of dolphins
heading towards Monterey Bay. They rose and dove and surrounded us. Beautiful. Awesome.

Interesting evening. The wind died and so the engine continued our journey.
The sky disappeared under dense fog. Ron received a signal from a fishing
boat along the way to hold our course. At 4 a.m. a tanker appeared on the AIS but was
otherwise invisible.


WAS an interesting moment.

This morning, we’re off San Luis Obispo, eating breakfast while listening to The Klezmatics, Jimmy
Buffet, Leonard Cohen and Madonna on Ron’s iPod. Quite a crew to take along – no?