When we bought the boat the salon table was made of marble. About an inch thick and weighed a ton. And  the stantions holding the table were alwas in the way.  We kept much of our canned food supplies in space under the seat cushon. To access the back we crawl behind the table to the appropriate seat for access, remove the cushions, remove the plywood that supports the cushions, dig out the supply then reverse the whole process to put it all back together again.

So I made a new teak and holy table with ends that folded down and replaced two column stantions with an adjustable single.

I tried making a turntable type mount so the table could be rotated out of the way, but the mechanism got complex and eventually had to be abandoned.  We ended up cutting the ends of the table, adding hinges so it made an access  pathway to the storage.  The design is not as straight forward as it may seem. The table also serves as the base for a double bed for guests.

The original table had dual posts to hold up the table. These columns were problematic when it came time to raise or lower the table to make it into a bed.  We only have two hands and this system takes a minimum of three. We found a spring loaded, single column support that collapsed to the height we needed and raised high enough to make a table. A single stanchion was necessary to make room for the hinges to make a folding table.


The table was cut and a piano hinge added to either side to make folding “wings”. Once the hinges were in place, there needed to be a way to hold the “wings” up in normal use. A trip to Winks in Portland, a  hardware store that has “everything” I came away with a set of wooded slides that can be pushed in to collapse the table and pulled out for normal.

The two columns did leave unoccupied holes in the floor, that needed to be fille. I used plastic removable hatch covers to cover the holes. There aren’t that pretty but the do allow access to under the floor, already useful when replacing a broken hose that went forward and was otherwise not accessible.