We’ve arrived at a tranquil spot to spend the night called Bahia Portrero Grande in Costa Rica. Its sheltered from most Papagayos and protected from the swell so a welcome change from both our boisterous last night at Bahia Elena and the rollicking ride we had to get here. Potrero is surrounded by a beautiful half moon beach. Were anchored in the southeastern corner of the bay in about 30 feet of water. Our bow points to the head of the bay; beyond the beach opens into a lowlands and green valley beyond. To the left of the valley tall mountains, around 3000 feet stretch off into the distance. The Bat Islands are just offshore, from our anchor point we can see only one of the half dozen in the group. Supposedly good scuba diving at the islands, its too rolly during Papagayo season. The North western corner of the bay, under the mountains is called Ollie’s Point, named after Oliver North who reportedly used the point to move arms to the Contras and then later made famous when the surf was included in the movie Endless Summer. In spite of the notoriety we the only ones here. No houses are visible, no roads, no fishermen, no yachties, just us and the fish, very peaceful. Thousands of minnows congregate around the boat and fish jump in the bay every few minutes. We hear an odd music probably just the wind moving past some hole in a rock face or perhaps Martians but it just adds to the place’s mystique.