St. Elena was a righteous person and the bay named after her here in Costa Rica is also righteous. There really aren’t too many places left on this earth where mankind has not left a mark; where no signs of civilization are visible, where the feeling of isolation and aloneness is tactile and visceral, Elena is one of those places. The bay is in Costa Rica near the border of Nicaragua, Bahia Elena is part of a National Park called Santa Rosa. It is a bay about 3 miles long and two miles wide, but the entrance is only about 1/2 mile wide so its well protected from ocean swell, however not immune to the seasonal winds that permeate this whole area called Papagayo’s. Jungle of varying thickness surrounds the bay. I tried hiking through some of it and found bush whacking not to my liking, too thick. An estuary is at the far end. We’ve read a description of a trail to a waterfall, written by a cruiser in 2008, but have yet to find it. We think its about a 1/2 mile dinghy ride from our anchor point at bearing of 103 degrees. We are the only sailboat, but have seen two fishermen in two days. I think its the winds that keep people away. The winds are fascinating, they die down for two even three hours in the afternoon then, with a noise like a freight train hits us at 20-30 knots like a bowling ball hits bowling pins. Its stops for 10 minutes then repeats through the night into the morning. We have over 230 feet of chain out and our anchor alarm says we haven’t moved. So we are safe. We see lots of birds: parrots, frigates, pelicans, herons, egrets a bunch more I can’t name. Supposedly there are crocodiles and monkeys but we have yet to see them. We’ve seen rays, pipe fish, puffer, flying fish and we know Mahi Mahi are out there because one got away, just outside the bay. We tried 20 times to get him ( yes, I think it was a him because of the size and shape of the head)in the net, but he was just too darn big, maybe 40 lbs. Back in Chiapas, Mx. I saw a fish smaller than this take 1st place in a fishing contest and it won a $3000 prize. There is no connectivity here(except our 300 char per second ham/packet connection) so we’ll post pictures when we get bandwidth. In spite of the solitude, time goes pretty quickly. Today we looked for the trail to the waterfall, read, wrote did some boat chores, made 25 gallons of fresh water. I’m enjoying a biography/conversation of/with Werner Herzog called “A Guide for the Perplexed” – he is a truly unique film director and interesting person. We’ve been having sunny days, averaging about 85-88 (which is great for solar generation) but today its raining, go figure. So long from Bahia Santa Elena for now. Ron ===== This message was sent using Winlink, a free radio email system provided by the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation ( and volunteers worldwide. Replies to this message should be brief using plain text format and any attachments kept small. Use of this email system for monetary gain is strictly forbidden. See for additional information.