After a pleasant overnight sail of about 100 nm we arrived at Isla Isabela Tues Dec 24 at around 11AM. The winds were fair and light most of the night staying under 10kn and from around 120 degrees apparent (in other words a broad reach). Only at about 4AM did the winds die completly and we turned on the engine. Isabela is in the Pacific, about 80nm north of Puerto Vallarta and about 20nm west of the mainland. Isabela is for the birds. I mean it’s a bird sancuary. A few fishermen have huts on the island otherwise the island is unpopulated by humans except for the occasional thesis student. There are so many birds here that they sometimes fill the sky; mostly Frigates, Blue Footed and Brown Footed Boobies but a few others species I don’t know. I wonder if the Brown and Blue Boobies are integrated? Neither of us slept more than 4-5 hours last night so the rest of the day, after anchoring in the small cove at the south end of the island was spent catching up on sleep. There are two other boats here in the anchorage. Tomorrow we’ll go ashore. The Boobies create “nests” on the island’s hills. The nests aren’t much more than a few pieces of twig with a bird on top, but it must feel like home to them. These birds have no fear of humans, so walking within inches of the nest gets the birds screeming but they don’t move. We were told Boobies create thier nests withing 6 of were they were born, haven’t asked any, so don’t know if thats true. Last time we were here, in 2005, Igaunas were all over the place. We’ve been told they are gone. We’ll see. When we get intenet, I’ll post pictures.